The Way of the Tiger, The Sign of the Dragon

by Grasshopper on August 28, 2010

Master Po & Young Grasshopper prepare to climb Great Hill Fire Tower.  My hair was so much shorter back then!

I come from the East.  In the Year of the Tiger, 2010, from the summit of Great Hill, Gunnar Berg, Dennis Quinn and I stand united looking down upon the quaint and neatly kept village of Tamwoth, New Hampshire.  The glorious views are all around us.  We take a brief moment to enjoy our place upon this earth.  The church steeple of the UCC off in the distance rises like Goliath above the trees to call to the town and surrounding areas, yes Classic New England.  Chocorua looks upon us with it’s magnificent peak, ever enduring, ever present.  We do our work well, with methodical order.  As I climb about the pre WWII steel, I wonder about the hands that built this Fire Tower and their conversations still floating in the breeze somewhere.  Once again the Great Hill Fire Tower has found another way to service the communities below it.  The quote of the day comes from Gunnar Berg, Master of all that is Wireless, “I smell Oz”  he exclaims as we come down off the tower when our work is to our satisfaction.  We ask for an explanation but he just says, “that smell just reminds me of Oz.”  We leave it at that.  Our spirits are high now as we look up at our new Solar Panels resting securely in the breeze.  The air is as fresh as it ever gets; we breath it in and smile at the tasks we have so far achieved.  We are steadfast in our plan, ready for the next step in putting that quaint little New England village below on the wireless map.

In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune.  We can see the signs already.  I come from the East.


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