The Tamworth Foundation Funds Tamworth Wireless

by DQ on August 27, 2010

At their annual meeting on August 23rd, 2010,  The Tamworth Foundation formally announced it’s allocation of $100,000.oo to fund the creation of a fixed wireless broadband network in  Tamworth.  Tamworth Wireless is hard at work building this network, and we’d like to thank: Lianne Prentice,  Gail Marrone,  Kathie Dyrenforth, George Cleveland,  David Little and Bill Rich, for their outrageous support of this project. There are many other people working hard behind the scenes to make this happen, and we will be giving them their due in these pages, as we move forward.  At the meeting, I gave my first-ever Powerpoint presentation.  It was prepared by John Cleveland, and covers a lot of  information about Tamworth Wireless.  It’s a great source of information, and you can see it here.  If you’re interested in  getting on the list of potential subscribers,  fill out the form here, on the “Sign Up” page. The best way to know how far along we are, and when we’ll be able to deliver service to you,  is to follow our progress on these pages.  I’ve started a “Build Blog” that will document the construction of the network,  with explanations,  photos and even video of our progress.
The adventure has begun.

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