Tamworth Broadband

by DQ on February 22, 2010

One of the clear priorities to emerge from the Master Plan process is expanded broadband coverage for Tamworth. The Tamworth Economic Development Committee (TEDC) has been exploring possible ways to accomplish this. Even with the various internet options available from the major providers for Tamworth, not everyone is currently able to obtain high speed internet where they live. Recently a statewide grant application for Federal funds, targeted for rural broadband, was unsuccessful.So, we are gathering information to determine if there is enough interest to support a locally operated wireless broadband network, modeled on Gunnar Berg’s successful Cyberpine network in Sandwich.
Simply put, we would broadcast high speed internet wirelessly from hilltops in town, to receivers at subscriber’s homes, at a competitive cost. The first step toward developing this plan is to find out who would use it, so we can determine exactly what it will take to build a network that will provide the option of reliable, affordable high speed internet to Tamworth residents.

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