Mountain Men

by Grasshopper on September 1, 2010

Dennis Quinn is certainly a Giant of a man.  From the beginnings of the town of Tamworth, almost 250 years ago, in the 1760s, it is men such as Dennis Quinn that have kept Tamworth alive.  With one eye on the traditions of small town America, such as bread making, and  one eye on the present demands of modern commerce, Dennis Quinn is creating a bridge for his community into this young 21st century.  I would choose no one better.  Dennis holds this single 74 lb Gel Battery for the Great Hill TamWireless Access Point with such ease, we are taken aback by his pure strength and endurance.  His ability to organize, carry, haul and lift equipment to these mountains tops, surrounding the village of Tamworth is second to none.  Hoisting these packs to the platform of the Great Hill Fire Tower was a site to be truly experienced.  Being in his mere presence is an honor for us that are able to work alongside him.  As the Great Hill Access Point looks toward the Tamworth Congregational Church downtown with it’s charming steeple and white clapboards, the necessary equipment to make the vital link, is coming together in the most serene way.  We are not only excited about the prospect of this connection for the community to begin, but truly feverish about the idea for the people of Tamworth and the citizenry at large, to become not only connected to each other but to the whole wide world.  It all seems so common place today to just assume we have internet access, but much of rural America is still without these avenues.  It is through these neighborhood wireless networks that we are able to do our necessary work and liaise with each other.  We are, after all, one.  I applaud you Mr. Quinn for your relentless efforts.


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