Inner Siri

by admin on January 7, 2012

The phone wakes me at 6:30.
My inner Siri says, “Good news sleeps ’til noon.”
She’s right,  I take my time.  I’ll make coffee and play the message.
Then a little yellow light tells me Great Hill needs juice.
I don’t have to hear the message,
  I’m in the Jeep and on my way.

Siri and I spent lots of quality time together when I was a kid.  We were up before the rest of the world,  pedaling my Schwinn Stingray to deliver a hundred Boston Globes,  every day.  Most mornings Siri ran things for the first half hour.

 “count the papers,  affix correspondence,  fill the baskets,  open the garage door,  and out into the dawn.”

My inner Siri knew the route well,  almost a hundred houses over two suburban developments.  She made it possible to operate at a functional,  pre-conscious level for a while.

 “Johnson,  rolled up,  mailbox,  owes for last week”

“Sullivan,  folded,  doorstep.”

“Chase,  flat,  table on the screen porch.”


“WARNING DuPont! inside screen porch, on the doorstep.”

“WARNING DuPont! minature-poodle-ankle-biter is present!.”

Siri and I settled on a squirt bottle on my bike frame as the solution to this one.  I can hold Fifi off for long enough to drop the paper inside,  if I aim just above her cute little fangs.

I’m finding that keeping track of the Tamworth Wireless network and our members is much like the paper route.  I know all the names, where they live, and their individual preferences.  It’s also afforded me the opportunity lately for quality time with Siri and the rising sun.  The trip to the fire tower on foot has become my regular exercise, and I am frankly surprised at how much I enjoy it.

“The doctor said a walk a day,  it may as well be to the fire tower”.

So,  whether it needs it or not,  I try and walk up the tower once a day.  I’ve reached the point where I’m in shape enough to enjoy it,  so now I am spending quality time with my inner Siri again after a very long time.  Just the two of us before the world is awake.


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