Frequently Asked Questions

Tamworth Wireless is a Non-Profit Rural Wireless Cooperative, providing Internet Access in and around Tamworth, New Hampshire, via a Fixed Wireless Broadband network.

1. How does it work?
Fixed Wireless Broadband is a system that uses radio gear to transmit data. The basic technology is over 50 years old, but over the last several years it has been refined for high-bandwidth data communications applications. “Fixed” means a mounted antenna is required. “Wireless” means what it implies – no wires – the connection between the subscriber and provider’s network occurs through the air. We have Access Points on hilltops, broadcasting data. You need a receiver at your location to receive the data, and get access to the Internet.

2. What kind of speed can I expect?
We are able to deliver varying plans:

Basic, or “budget” is $29.99, and provides 1Mb download speed
Standard is $49.99 and provides 2Mb download speed
Higher Speed is $69.99 and provides 3Mb download speed
Highest Speed is $89.99 and provides 4Mb download speed .

We won’t install any equipment until we have tested at your location and determined that we can deliver the speeds promised.

3. How much does it cost?
To become a subscriber to Tamworth Wireless, you’ll need to purchase or lease an Internet Radio to receive the signal and have it installed. The usual cost of the equipment is about $350. You can pay for that upfornt, or just lease the radio for an extra $10 per month. Installation costs vary,  depending on what it takes to get the best signal. Before we do anythng we’ll discuss what the installation will involve and how much it will cost.  If after a week you decide that the service won’t work for you, we’ll come back and get the equipment, and return your money.

4. Can I get an “” e-mail address?
Yes, you can! If you’d like to stand out from the “cloud”, we can provide you with an @ address, and we have a nifty “webmail” interface too, so you can check your e-mail from any computer, just like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.