Completion And Test Of The Backhaul

by DQ on November 24, 2010

With the Great Hill Fire Tower installation complete, we move on to finish the installation  at the 212 year old Tamworth Congregational Church.  We’ve placed the Nanobridge, (a small white dish ) on the back of the church, to communicate with Great Hill,  and send a signal carrying broadband up there. This will be our primary link, or “back-haul” from the greater internet to the Tamworth Wireless network. The dish on the back of the building must be connected to the DSL/telephone lines that enter the front of the building, so the cable travels over the top of the ceiling, through the 212 year old attic, under with wooden access stairs that lead up into the iconic steeple.  It’s a privilege for us to be working at these landmark Tamworth sites, and crucial to our planned town-wide network that this link function as we ‘ve planned.

Oh, and it does. Gunnar Berg’s design and the equipment he’s chosen all did their job, even better than the specs said they would. Once we established that the link between the Church and the Fire Tower, we connected some 900 Mhz customer premises radios.  These are the flat panel receivers that houses without direct line of sight will use to connect. Even while inside the church, we were able to receive a strong signal. This was kind of a key moment for us, because it established that the back-haul would deliver the kind of  “throughput” we’d need to support the network. All the planning and theorizing and months of meetings finally were borne out – it worked! Here’s the video of the moment of connection:

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