Tamworth Wireless Upgrading To Fiber!

by admin on September 19, 2011

Great HillHello Tamworth Wireless Cooperative Members,

One year ago when we built our network, our plan was to work toward being able to deliver competitive internet speeds to our members.
Our goal was to be able to provide a true viable alternative to the existing national and regional carriers operating in Tamworth.
We did not seek to be the network of last resort, or just the quaint local network that outlying Tamworth residents chose because
we were their only choice.

In order to achieve our goal we needed to first build our network infrastructure, and prove that it could deliver bandwidth to Tamworth households. We have been able to that, in fact our network has shown that it can deliver all the bandwidth we able to feed it. We started with one ADSL circuit (information traveling through copper telephone lines), then added another to
double our capacity as we increased our membership.
We are very pleased now to be able to announce that thanks to the support of Gunnar Berg and his Cyberpine network,
starting in October the Tamworth Wireless network will be fed with a fiber optic connection (information traveling on light).
This will allow us to increase the upload speed available to all of our members, improve the overall performance of our service, and offer a variety of different plans, including higher speed plans.

The new fiber optic connection will not have the limitations of the DSL circuits, which are “asymmetrical“. We are currently running the network on a total of 22 Mbps download speed, and 2 Mbps upload speed, shared among all of our members. Because of this imbalance between down and up, increased demand for upload intensive uses like posting videos to Youtube, pictures to Picasa, and online back up services like Carbonite and Apple’s impending “iCloud“, could cause a disproportionate slowdown of everyone’s service.

The fiber optic connection will provide our network with access to 25 Mbps download AND 25 Mbps upload. That will allow us to stay ahead of demand, and provide service that is as fast or faster than other carriers in our coverage area.

*Starting in October, we will be introducing the new pricing and speeds.*

Our current “Standard Plan” will increase in price by $4.95 per month, from $45 to $49.95. For that extra $4.95, members will experience the overall increase in performance that fiber brings. This will make everything run more smoothly, both in individual households and across our network.

We will be making a “higher speed” plan available as well. For $69.95 we will be able to deliver 3 Mbps down.

In the coming months as we implement these changes, we will also be working toward a “highest speed” plan, and hope to be able to deliver 4 Mbps down for $89.95.

A new “Budget” plan will be available too, at 1Mbps down for $29.95. (Current members who are on the budget plan have the option of staying with
their current pricing and speed, or paying a little more and going a little faster)

All these up/down numbers can be confusing, so here’s how they’ll translate to everyday use:

*Budget $29.95 = 1 down: For basic use, e-mail, websites,
software updates, posting pictures, watching occasional Youtube.

*Standard $49.95 = 2 down : *Basic use, plus smooth Netflix and
live video streaming, online gaming, Skype, and basic online back up.

*Higher Speed $69.95 = 3 down* A step up, faster updates, bigger
online back ups and faster uploads to Youtube, smooth video streaming
to more than one computer, (for those times when you just can’t agree what to watch), and online gaming.

..and coming soon, *Highest speed 89.95* *= 4 down  *Bigger, Faster everything. For
moving large files back and forth while watching movies on your
computer while someone else is playing massively multiplayer games online. Also for businesses, and
larger groups of simultaneous users.

We are excited about all these new improvements, and would like to
thank all of you for becoming members of our Rural Wireless Internet
Cooperative, and making all of this possible. Please reply with questions to [email protected]


Dennis Quinn
Declan O’Connell
The Tamworth Wireless Cooperative

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